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Thank you for helping us grow!  Please keep requesting Teaz Vodka in your area.  The more request your local retailers and Distributors receive the faster we can reach your state.  


Distributed through

Arizona             Southern Wine and Spirits

California          Pacific Wine Distributors / MHW ltd.   ( 516-869-9170 )    customer service

Florida               Parkstreet Imports  ( 305-400-8324 ) customer service

New Jersey       Quality Spirits. (732-721-1256) customer service 

New York           MHW ltd    (516-869-9170 )  customer service

Pennsylvania   ABC  # 57224  (Special order) 

Virginia            ABC #   39804  (Special order) -  Phoenix/Flagstaff area you can now order Teaz Vodka through Pikfly and have it delivered to your door!

 Arizona Locations


 convenience stores and markets:


 clubs and lounges: